Welcome to Small Acres, Too!

Thanks for choosing Small Acres, Too! We are a small family farm offering seasonal produce, farm-fresh eggs, goat milk, & goat milk products. Our beautiful Buff Orpingtons produce beautiful brown eggs with lovely orange yolks. Our garden is done for the year, but we did have beautiful purple jalapenos and several types of heirloom tomatoes. Our goats are loved and petted, cared for by the family. Kids are left with their own mommas and only weened after a significant bond has been forged. We do not keep Billys in order to keep our milk untainted. Our goats are fed a quality alfalfa hay that we grow. We love to hear from our customers, especially when they love our products!!
All our products are handmade. Our lip balm and deodorant are made from simple natural ingredients and we source locally for as much as we can. Our soaps, scrubs and lotions are created in small batches. Our lotion does have a shelf life of 6 weeks, longer if kept refrigerated.
We love to connect with our customers, find out preferences and hear how our products have worked for them. Contact us anytime, and thanks for shopping with Small Acres, Too.

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